Friday, December 19, 2014

The New Face at mdBriefCase!

Hey there blog readers!

My name is Kristen Husack and I’ll be parachuting into mdBriefCase for the next few weeks! I’m excited to receive the torch that’s been passed along by previous students and experience a whole new non-direct-patient-care facet of pharmacy!

As this is now my second non-direct-patient-care rotation, I've already gained a glimpse of the value pharmacists can offer in non-traditional roles. Prior to this year, I was not aware of the various opportunities in which pharmacists can become engaged and exercise their expertise.  I am therefore eager to discover how pharmacists can contribute to the continuing education landscape at mdBriefCase!

Some things about me: I’m a bookish pharmacy student by day and ultra-artist extraordinaire by night. Ultimately I would love to find a way to combine these pursuits; I hope that a non-traditional role, such as the one I'm currently filling, will bring me closer to my goal. 

Stay tuned for more posts! Happy holidays J.