Friday, February 27, 2015

End of Rotation, Start of New Experiences

It's my last day at mdBriefCase and I find myself reflecting on the past five weeks. I remember that when I first arrived, I would have never imagined that I could pursue a career where I would educate peers and raise awareness in different therapeutic areas. I would never have thought that my work could make a positive impact on the daily practice of healthcare professionals.

The past

Before all this started, the only form of writing I was exposed to was scientific writing. During undergrad, I earned my degree in Chemical Biology, which was a research intensive program. Aside from proposing hypotheses, listing procedures, summarizing results, and discussing conclusions, I had no clue how to write for other purposes, let alone continuing education.

The present

At the end of this rotation, I can confidently say I developed the basic skills for medical writing. Having gone through the process of writing a newsletter from scratch, I can appreciate just how much blood, sweat, and tears (literally, sometimes) are involved. It was through these struggles, that I was able to learn and improve on my writing skills. A seeming simple newsletter involves so much more than just plain writing. The editing, formatting, and marketing are just some of many steps taken prior to launch.

The future

As a future pharmacist, I will be dependent on continuing education to keep myself updated with changes in therapeutics. I will continue to use rxBriefCase as a great source for continuing education with selections of countless programs relevant to pharmacist practice.  

As for being a medical writer, this rotation definitely gave me the opportunity to witness what it’s like and what it takes. Medical writing is not easy to get into and even more difficult to master. It’s challenging. It’s intriguing. It’s rewarding.

Before I head out to Sunnybrook Hospital, I would like to bid farewell to mdBriefCase. It was a unique and rewarding experience working with talented and motivated members of the team. I would like to thank them for this wonderful opportunity that opened doors to my future career.