Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another link in the pharmacy student chain


My name is Claudia and I'm the next 4th year to continue the chain of pharmacy students here at mdBriefCase Group Inc.

This is my last APPE rotation and the setting is completely new to me. Not really knowing what to expect, I arrived excited with a slight edge of anxious nerves. I'm fresh off 2 intense direct-patient-care hospital rotations, so this is a drastic (and welcome!) change. As pharmacy students, we are very accustomed to direct patient care and may forget that the pharmacy profession incorporates a broad scope of opportunities outside direct contact with patients. I am interested and eager to see how I can impact patient care with contributions to continuing education.

Shortly after arriving, I was introduced to the team, the company and handed a thorough outline of what my next 5 weeks will look like. Very exciting! For my first task, I will participate in one of the online rxBriefCase programs which I will then critically appraise. The team then works on developing ways in which it, and future programs, could be improved.

Other projects involve multiple venues for content development with contributions to rxPassport and medSchool For You, with ongoing support from pharmacy mentor Mike.

Writing has never been a strong suit for me, so I approach these challenges with trepidation. However, new experiences and challenges can only improve my abilities and skill set, so I am excited to take these on. 

Reading previous blog posts by my classmates has been entertaining, educational and fun so I hope to continue this with posts during my time here.

Stay tuned!