Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another new face

Hi blog readers!

My name is Cassandra Turchet. I am the new fourth-year pharmacy student doing a rotation at mdBriefCase. Like my predecessors, I will be developing an eNewsletter (on the topic of frailty in the elderly), an FAQ module (on the topic of migraines), and critically appraising one of the rxBriefCase programs. 

I have a strong interest in geriatrics and cardiology and hope to pursue these topics further during my few short weeks here.

The culture at mdBriefCase so far is very welcoming and made for a great first couple of days. This being the first rotation of my fourth year brought a mixed bag of emotions: a little anxiety, a few nerves, and even more excitement. I look forward to learning more about the great things that mdBriefCase has to offer and working with a wide variety of people throughout the process! 

Stay tuned for more blog posts on my experiences, updates on my projects, and maybe a little something about my love for the elderly!