Monday, June 1, 2015


Time for the mid-point check-in!

Have I mastered the art of Reflective Practice since my last blog? Not entirely, but that is a skill which is constantly being refined throughout life..

Thanks to the warm welcome of the staff, I have become more familiar with my environment. They have also provided me with presentations highlighting their scope of work. 

I have also delved into working on my own projects:
  1. Critical Appraisal of "When and How to Start and Intensify Insulin in your patients withType 2 Diabetes"
  2. Content Development for an eNewsletter on the importance of mitigating risk factors of colorectal cancer, with a focus on screening (watch for it in your inbox!)
  3. medSchoolForYou questions and answers surrounding smoking cessation

Having a minor in philosophy, I assumed that medical writing would be easy. However, I've come to realize it is COMPLETELY different from philosophical writing. I’ve learned that my writing needs to be less thought provoking or open to interpretation, and  more targeted or practical. The reader should be able to take away tangible information and apply it to their current practice.

In the weeks ahead, the "fun" part begins…editing! I cannot help but recall an image of my high school essay covered in red marks. Somehow I turned that colourful sheet back into black ink on a white background. After 7 years of university, we come full circle, and time to do it again! I look forward to the challenge, but even more so to the end result!