Friday, December 4, 2015

Blogging as a reflective exercise

Here we are, heading into the last few days of my rotation at mdBriefCase and looking back at my single, lonely blog post. I apologize for not updating the blog but maybe my other projects will make up for it. If you have the time, take a look at my eNewsletter on COPD management and dual bronchodilation or drop by MSFY and check out my diabetes article!

I would however like to take the time to reflect on my time here at mdBriefCase.

Medical writing. If you’ve never been exposed to it, I urge you to try and find an opportunity. It isn’t just the writing. It’s conducting research to identify all the information available, filtering and sorting through it to find the valuable pieces, and then finding a way to share with those interested. Communication is a skill that is vital to many professions, pharmacists especially. We are constantly interacting with patients, physicians, or other healthcare professionals. That being said, our language and tone differ with each of these groups. Being exposed to medical writing, however briefly, helped me realize how drastic these differences can be.

Continuing education. For someone still technically in school, I never thought twice about it. I can say now that I have a better understanding of the value continuing education has for a practicing pharmacist. Our practices are changing. From expanded scopes to new medication classes, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed with all the new information available to us and our patients. Continuing education programs distills a lot of this new information for us, making it much more manageable. I expect to be browsing through the rxBriefCase programs throughout my career to stay up to date with my practice!

I’d just like to thank the team here at mdBriefCase for being nothing but welcoming. Although not your traditional pharmacist role, being exposed to this facet of pharmacy has been really interesting and rewarding.