Tuesday, March 29, 2016

School’s not out: The value of continuing education

My experience at mdBriefCase allowed me to explore and evaluate the importance of continuing the pursuit of professional knowledge, even after graduation. By investing in educational programs and opportunities, health professionals obtain up-to-date knowledge and skills, and are able to provide the best patient care.1 Continuing education (CE) ensures that the best evidence is known, understood and practiced by health professionals.2  

CE is also effective at improving patient outcomes, which naturally leads to greater patient satisfaction.2 Pharmacists can use the knowledge and skills acquired through participation in CE courses to expand their pharmacy practice and to enhance patient care.

My experience stretched beyond an appreciation of the continuing education materials produced at mdBriefCase. This placement was a learning experience in itself: learning about the broad range of opportunities, such as medical writing, that are available to pharmacists upon graduation. It emphasized the importance of searching available options, in whatever stage of your career, and pursuing the one or two (if not more!) in which you are interested. Regardless of the path we choose to pursue as pharmacists, one thing is certain: keeping up-to-date with new knowledge and skills is essential to enhance our level of patient care and excel as health care providers.


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