Thursday, August 18, 2016

Goodbyes are never easy

Look at the time! It's already the end of my rotation at rxBriefCase.  I thoroughly enjoyed this rotation, and feel like I made the most use of my time here.

I started by set out goals for myself to be able to finish my projects ahead of the deadlines.  This is because I knew I worked in a team-based office.  This meant I had to give a few days for other people to edit my work, give me feedback, and make my work presentable.  

Overall, this was quite a different rotation, and I will take the following skills along with me:

  • Critically appraise other people’s work (drafts of eCE and programs on rxBriefcase), and receive constructive criticism and feedback about my own work.  
  • Develop an eNewsletter (using lots of tables and algorithms, which pharmacists love) 
  •  Tailor my language to create patient-friendly material.  I realized this was quite an important skill to have and carry on for my future profession.  English may not be the patient's or the healthcare provider's 1st language.   As my mentor mentioned, “A Grade 6 tone helps simplify the information and improves communication both ways.”
  • Write in a concise, clear, accurate fashion.  I have told many people that writing is not my best skill, so when I first started this rotation, I was a little worried. However, I realized that with practice, your writing skills can develop.  Never let the fear of something steer you away from accomplishing something. 

Thank you to everyone here at rxBriefCase for an amazing journey. 

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