Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Update on my time at rxBriefCase

Upon my arrival at rxBriefCase, two notes were waiting for me, one from Sara (my preceptor) and one from the past APPE student (Jennifer).  In the notes, they both welcomed me to rxBriefCase and the APPE manual 2016/2017 was waiting for me to read.  The manual was so helpful, and divided each task into weeks.  It mentioned all of the steps and requirements of my rotation.

These are my following tasks:

1. Critically appraise one of the rxBriefCase CCCEP-accrediated programs.

Chosen topic: Spotlight on SGLT2 inhibitors: thekidneys role in glucose control in type 2 diabetes 

I will highlight both strengths and weakness of the program during my presentation in 3 weeks. Overall, on review of the participation, the results were quite positive.  

2. Write the eNewsletter on a topic that is of interest to me and would benefit my peers.
Chosen topic: Vaginal health.  Currently, there are no modules/eNewsletters on this topic.  Many people shy away from discussing this topic, as it is quite an intimate subject.  However, it is important to bring awareness to women’s health and know available treatment options.  It is also important to be aware that we are not allowed to diagnose patients with vaginal infections.  If patients are experiencing it for the first time, they need to be referred to their doctor.   

3. Develop content for medschoolforyou.ca (MSFY), the patient education portal
Chosen topic: Colic and teething. In terms of pediatrics, we usually do not get to see the baby in person.  It becomes very important to know the signs and symptoms of each condition and to be able to make a good recommendation.  Also, it is important to know the age range of each condition and when to refer.

Stay tuned for the completed versions of
Vaginal health: “I have an itch!  Down there!” and
Colic and Teething: “Irritable, crying, fussy baby, and it’s not a fever!”