Wednesday, October 19, 2016

There's More Out There

I can't believe I'm already at the halfway point of my rotation!  During my 3 weeks here, I've taken on a few projects and was constantly researching different therapeutic areas.  And that's when it hit me: learning is a lifelong thing and doesn't just stop after you graduate.

Love of Learning 
I got into pharmacy school a few years ago and was set on becoming a community pharmacist. Throughout my rotations, I've become less focused on becoming a community pharmacist, mainly because I want a career path that would allow me to constantly learn.  Don't get me wrong - community pharmacists are always learning.  It's just that I've come to appreciate a more concentrated learning experience.

While at Sick Kids, I was constantly reading articles and updating myself on guidelines.  I was learning something new everyday.  I find that learning in hospital is very different because you are learning about one specific topic, as opposed to community pharmacy where you're learning about a huge spectrum of therapeutic topics.  After experiencing both types of placements, I prefer the hospital setting more where you can become an expert in the field.

At mdBriefCase (non-direct patient care), I am working on an eNewsletter (cold sore management) and patient information sheets on various diseases.  These two projects require a lot of research and I'm learning something new everyday.

Over the next week and a half, I'll be working on more patient information summaries and a critical appraisal presentation, so stay tuned!