Tuesday, December 6, 2016

To my colleagues at RxBriefCase

Hello and welcome to my first blog entry as the newest member of the RxBriefCase team! As a 4th year pharmacy student at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, I am currently on my 7th block of advanced practice rotations. I currently work in both a community and a hospital pharmacy, and have a role as a teaching assistant for international pharmacy graduates at the Faculty.

Despite being on clinical placements, I have maintained my involvement in several extracurricular activities. These include the Seniors Outreach at the University of Toronto, acting as the Marketing Directors for both the Pediatric and Antimicrobial Stewardship Societies, and most recently, the Pharmasave Business Plan Competition.

From my previous clinical rotations, I have gleaned valuable insights into the areas of pharmacy operations, critical care and research. This research rotation enabled me to develop several quality improvement initiatives, a research protocol and a case series. In addition, I was able to refine my critical appraisal and scientific writing skills, which I aim to apply during this rotation.

Due to the unique nature of this placement, I am excited to learn more about the various CME platforms offered by RxBriefCase, the CCCEP accreditation process, and the opportunities to develop the eNewsletter for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, the Expert Modules for patients, and the critical appraisal of an eCME.

Lastly, a big thank you for the warm introduction to the rest of the team by my preceptors Cassandra and Janet. I look forward to working closely with everyone over the next 5 weeks!