Friday, January 13, 2017

Putting My Best Foot Forward

Week 4 of my rotation has flown by, and it’s been an exciting one at that. I have been gearing up for the deployment of “Fancy Feet: Caring for Plantar Warts, Athlete’s Foot and Fungal Toenail Infections”. This is a foot care module I have been working on for MedSchoolForYou (MSFY), one of the education platforms from mdBriefCase. This blog will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how this module was developed!

Stage 1: Picking a Topic
  • During my first week, I brainstormed a list of therapeutic topics that would be interesting to write about and appealing to readers. After perusing the MSFY website and reflecting on my experiences in community pharmacy, I identified a knowledge gap in foot care.
Stage 2: Creating an Outline
  • Using various resources (e.g. clinical databases, minor ailments guidelines), I completed preliminary research on the foot conditions I wanted to include in the module. I then created an outline to simplify the writing process.
Stage 3: Creating a Draft
  • Writing the module’s content was a multifaceted process that consisted of researching, data synthesis and organization. I also considered the depth and breadth of information, the use of patient-friendly language and the inclusion of pictures to draw interest.
Stage 4: Editing the Draft
  • I was able to get valuable feedback from Cassandra, my preceptor, and Mike, my pharmacist mentor. Following a series of amendments, the content for the MSFY was finalized.
Stage 5: Programming
  • With the help of Mila, one of our talented Content Developers, all of the content and visual elements were programmed online. She also provided me with drafts on our hidden server to test and approve.
Stage 6: Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • In order to promote the deployment of this module, Cassandra suggested that I write this blog! Furthermore, the module will be shared on mdBriefCase’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Stage 7: Going Live!
  • Now that the MSFY is ready to go, all that’s left to do is launch!

Overall, developing “Fancy Feet” was an insightful opportunity to learn and collaborate within the office. I hope that readers find this module to be both useful and informative!

*Update: Fancy Feet is now live! Readers can access the module here:*