Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hello rxBriefCase!

My name is Kevin and I am a 4th year pharmacy student at the University of Toronto. I will be joining the team for the next 5 weeks as part of my Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) placement. This is my final APPE rotation before heading out into the real world.

Growing up, I have always wanted to be a teacher because I enjoyed sharing knowledge and having a positive influence on others. However, my pursuit for a teaching career came to an end when I discovered that I was not too fond about spending the rest of my life in school! I shifted my focus onto pharmacy because I realized pharmacists are in an optimal position to both share knowledge (ie: counseling) and positively influence others (ie: advocate for healthy lifestyle, vaccination, etc.). I have not looked back since!

Outside of school, I am dedicated to an active lifestyle because I believe healthcare professionals should practice what they preach. In the past, I was an avid runner and was able to complete a marathon. Since retiring my running shoes, I continue to be an active member at the gym. The gym is a place where I can temporarily leave my stress behind as well as push myself at the same time.

This rotation will be significantly different from others - there will be no sick patients, no pill counting, and no MedsChecks! During my time at rxBriefCase, I will be responsible for writing an eNewsletter, an article in MedSchool For You (MSFY), and a eCME critical appraisal. I am excited to work in this new environment and look forward to meeting everybody in the coming weeks!