Friday, July 20, 2018

Past, Present, Future: One Student's Tale

Dear rxBriefCase members,

My name is Derick Oduro and I am the current 4th-year pharmacy student at mdBriefCase. Understanding how I ended up here is an interesting tale.

I started my journey as a Kinesiology major in undergrad. In the 3 years I spent as an undergraduate student, I had 3 majors and was on track to graduate ... in another 4 years.

During this time a friend suggested pharmacy school. After some thought, I realized I did not want to continue my undergraduate degree. Transitioning to pharmacy school was an escape from the endless loop of my undergraduate studies, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I managed to get into pharmacy school at U of T, breaking the endless loop I was stuck in as an undergrad. Although the road was lined with trials and tribulations I am well on my way to the finish line. Looking back at my past endeavors, it shocks me how much I struggled to find my niche in undergrad. I think there are 2 aspects that differentiated my success in pharmacy school:

1. Practicality

Practicality is one of the main reasons why I never survived my undergrad. Endless memorization of content that would never be seen outside a classroom. Pharmacy school provided me with material that built upon itself, to create competent and astute pharmacists. A program based on competence as opposed to memorization is one of the reasons why I flourished in Pharmacy school.

2. Flexibility

What guaranteed my stay in the profession was the flexibility offered, once licensed. Community, Hospital, Industry, Advocacy Groups, Government, and many more opportunities await once I graduate. This flexibility is how I ended up at my current rotation. I was curious what a pharmacist could contribute to a company like mdBriefCase.

Although brief, I hope my tale was enjoyable. I will work on producing more content for you soon!


Derick Oduro